Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Newly-found loves

So was making a treasury this morning & I stumbled upon a few shops that I absolutely adore from the tippy top of my head to the bitty bottoms of my feet. On to the sharing:

Helis - the purse & bag shop
Many Etsiers know her for the silly animal head rings, but she also makes the most simple, yet delightful, purses and bags. The precious lace and bits of embroidery detail just tickle me to pieces.

Dear Golden Vintage
Pleasant collection, pleasant photography and totally stylish. Plus, they have best vintage shoes on the block.

Sea Breeze Studio
Some of the cutest pouches I've ever seen. Ever. But I suppose I have an affection for teensy animals and rick-rack. I can't decide if the hedgehog or the ducky makes it to my Birthday list.

Cassia Beck Photography

Colorful and sensationally vintage, these prints completely embody nostalgic sweetness. The flower prints bring me to my old back yard, where I used to eat strawberries out of the fiercely overflowing patch. And it's not just the ttv that brings on the old school - it's the subjects she chooses.

L to R: Mustard Lace Antler Pouch, Helis. Ivory Jackie O Dress, Dear Golden Vintage; Hedgehog Pencil Case, Sea Breeze Studio; Crop of Sitting Pretty III, Cassia Beck Photography

Hope you enjoy my new visual treats! Show these shops some good ole Etsy love by buying up all their stuff! Or at least hearting them. Because that is all poor people like me can do until payday.

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