Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ahoy Birdies!

After a couple of weeks of hiatus, I'm trying to pull myself back together and regain a little organization. Pre- and post-vacation often becomes such a horrible burden! But all is worth it to get away for a bit. No matter how busy your vacation becomes, the battery is always recharged and the view on life, love and the latter becomes entirely new.
Before I left, I was walking my little nutcase and came across a few different varieties of moss when the stolen idea of miniature thimble gardens came to my head. I say use the word 'stolen' because I'm sure I got it from somewhere, I just can't remember where. Regardless, the moss and an unidentified weed became part of my new mini garden, which I would very much like to share:

And note my garden's keeper - my vintage EFCO Typewriter ribbon tin, which I have conveniently also photographed:

I am hoping to make some new items this weekend, for I am overwhelmingly inspired by this beautiful weather. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! And we shall catch up Monday!

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