Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tip-tapping into the inner-child

I go through my obsessive-compulsive twitter phases, but yesterday's phase paid off by inspiring a super-fun blog on how juvenile being an adult can actually be. It started off with a tweet from one of my favorite goodie-finders, Paper Cakes, who posted a link to the Williams-Sonoma Goldtouch™ sandwich-cookie Cake Pan, below. (They also have a cupcake cake pan! Yipee!)

How cool is that?! That got me thinking…what other cool stuff is out there that revives the child-like excitement of being a kid while still keeping us grounded with our lightly-grayed stray hairs and support hose? I'll show you what…

Above L to R: These days, you couldn't pay me to chew on gumballs, but who wouldn't give their right arm for a handful of Jelly Beans? The Jelly Belly Bean Dispenser, has is classically ornate without being childish. Plus you can make a bangin' strawberry marguerita flavor that is NOT for the kids. Way to go eco! This fabulous Trike Tote from Etsy's The Crafty Pantry makes me think of rolling down the driveway on my rusty, hand-me-down trike! This version is equally as economical without the rust and shoelace eaters. Everyone had a sock monkey back in the day. Well except for me. Regardless, it's a memory-inducing toy that was so popular that people are still making them! I'd reccomend this Make-your-own Sock Monkey Kit from Etsy's Spinning Monkeys so you can say that it will be a craft project for you and your niece (or whoever you want to make up). Also check out Black Bird Fashion's Socktopus kit.

Above L to R: Nope, it's soap. NES controller vegan soap set from Dirty Ass Soaps. You think they are blocks, but they aren't - have another look. Fooled ya! These are awesome Salt and Pepper Shakers from Kim & Jason which, by the way, has to be one of the coolest online shops I've ever found.

Above L to R: Does treasuring the Radio Flyer brand make one old? If so, I know for a fact that tee shirts don't make one old, so now you are perfectly balanced! Check out this tee, available also from Kim & Jason, which for the moment is astonishingly cheap. If you don't have a kiddo to ride a real carousel with, check out this elegant little necklace from Etsy's Luxe Deluxe - it has all the whimsy of youth, with all the style of a grown-up. Toy soldiers, rubber duckies, cuckoo clocks - everything you could possibly want to make the everyday a whole lot funner. With adorable style, too. This Japanese fabric change purse, available on Etsy's PickaPetal, makes scrounging for change an utter delight!

Last but not least (above), I've found something something to glamorize the most essential of the food groups: hot dogs. The Porcelain Hot Dog Wrapper, available at Uncommon Goods, glamorizes the ballpark dogs enough to host a summer shindig on your patio. Don't forget the relish!

Thanks, everyone, for reading! Happy Shopping!

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