Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Saint of the Month

There are plenty of stories about where Valentine's Day originated, but the one I am most fond of is Saint Valentine
was marrying young couples on the hush in total defiance of the Emporer's outlaw of marriage for young men. The sneaky Roman Priest must have had a soft spot in his heart for some babe to understand the detrimental longing of love for a special someone. Eventually, Poppa V was figured out and was condemned to be beheaded. His execution date happened to be February 14 ~ a day in which we all celebrate our undying love for our own special someone.

And in lieu of the upcoming day of amour, Spool is having a Saint Valentine's day sale! But we are calling it the 'Lovebirds Sale.' Yes, that's right - so get rare treat for your beloved. And don't forget that the beloved can be oneself. Starting Friday, Feb 6, you get FREE SHIPPING on all jewelry. If you have a custom order, try me. And you'll get free shipping if it's doable for me.

Clockwise from top left: Spool's Birdseeds Necklace will become special treat for both you and your feathered friends; To feel like a princess, try Rapunzel's Allure Necklace on for size; Fruit of the Divine Earrings are ripe and delicious for the picking; For the soft side of metal, don Flowers and Cages Necklace and brass up your wardrobe. Snatch these babies up from 2/6 - 2/14 with FREE SHIPPING!

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The header image is the first known documentation of Saint Valentine, aka Valentinus. After some thorough research, I finally was able to find the origin of this image, which happens to be in one of the earliest documented printed books, Nuremberg Chronicle. I'll share more about this luscious find at a later date, but I recommend checking it out.

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