Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Allow me to introduce the sweetest, rush-inducing, most sugar-coated destash shop on Etsy!

Sugar Plum Tree ( was scantily created in May '08 as a collaborative destash project by both me ( and Red Heart 13 ( We wanted to get rid of this evermounting pile of 'junk' we've collected over the years not only as an Etsy sellers and craftspeople, but as whole-hearted junk collectors in general. I use the term 'junk' loosely because I dearly treasure the bits and pieces I have stashed about the apartment.
Up until just recently, we really haven't kept up with it, but as a new year's resolution, we are desparately trying to rid ourselves of some of our collection to make room for new mess. Well, in reality, its just 'new' old mess. Antiques are the sh*#!
Just as a little sampling, I'd like to give you a few temptations of what's in the shop at the moment, what's been there and what is up-and-coming:

Thanks everyone for your support in getting our little sweetiepie up and running!

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