Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Adventures with a Fisheye

Man, I was ecstatic when Aunt B passed me one of her gifts to me. I didn't think I was going to get it. It was like when pop opened the leg lamp award in A Christmas Story. Here it was....the lomography fisheye camera! I was soo excited. Oh, now we need to get some film! Yes, I said it. Film. What's even funnier than saying it is loading it. And that I even remembered how. Thank God I got my bro-in-law to buy it, because I would have been a little embarrassed.
So I started snapping pictures. But I kept pulling the camera away from my face and looking at the back of it so I could see what I just shot. Yeah, I'm retarded. And I continued shooting just to use up the roll so I could see what I was taking. And what type of images work best. This would all probably be in the directions, but who has time to read that when you have a brand-spankin' new fisheye camera?!
So I am here to share with you the very first pictures. Well, the cool ones. Well, not really.

Above left is titled, Mold. You can bet your sweet petutie that the milk is expired, as well as over half of the contents. Above right is titled, Ominous Loo. Makes you want to hold your pee, no?

Testing out the camera after the holidays. I like how in the first picture the car is all warped and cool. The second one is just to show how intolerant Peanut can be. As I was shooting the picture, he said to me "Oh please...would you please get that dang thing out of my face?! Gosh!"

Some other suspects caught by the fisheye.

Now please remember that these are just the very first role, so be patient, they WILL get better. I promise. More to come...

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