Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Snippet of my Recent Acquisitions

I have a ton of favorite items, some that I've bought, and the rest that I plan to buy on Etsy. Just to keep the list short, I'll only share my acquisitions. Well, the ones that have nice photos. Sorry, I'm a Graphic Designer. I'm obsessed with photo touch-ups. :)

Clockwise from top left:
Tiny White Frosting Roses, by Tigerlilly Shop
Eco friendly dryer sachets, by ReFabulous
Floral Print Dress, from a shop that no longer exists :(
Owl Beads, by Jivah
Love Bird Earrings, by luxedeluxe
German Dresden Foil Wings, from Caramelos
Faceted Labradorite Studs, by phoebestreasure

Ha ha now this is just a snippet - I have 4 stinkin' pages of buys! I think I have a problem. Is it just me?


  1. hey....
    i liked the white frosting flowers....how did u do it???what material did u use