Friday, June 26, 2009

Jewelry and Craft Display ~ under $30!

I've seriously thinking about putting some items in a local shop, so I've really been keeping my eye out for some inexpensive and creative ways to display my items. A lot of it is definitely luck, but one must always keep their eyes open and jump at any opportunity to grab the coveted. Such is my experience nearly plowing over some young children in a thrift shop the other weekend to posses a beautiful dress form for how much? $40!
So here are a few items that I've bought, and some I've not (yet), but maybe we can get the creative juices flowing and come up with an amazingly beautiful little cubby at that local artisan market you've been eyeing up.

My new favorite online shop, Elizabeth's Embellishments, carries a huge variety of
shabby chic jewelry displays, or check out this vintage ring, bracelet and earring card
catch-all from Jen's Closet on Etsy.

The perfect catch-all for rings and brooches is definitely a vintage ceramic egg tray, like this one from Cats Vintage Shoppe. Drape jewelry over opened drawers of a jewelry box, like this one from Urban Outfitters, or down a vintage pedestal dish like this one from Shabby Urban Cottage for an elegant look. Table mirrors with swirlies and sticky-outies, like this one from Elizabeth's Embellishments, kill two birds with one stone - customers can try on necklaces and check themselves out at the same time.

Items that have a little bit of height to them, like lacey cake trays or frames enclosed with mesh, can not only hold single earrings, but either purchase or make your own 'S' hooks (with heavy-guage wire) and they can easily hold your very own earring cards. Splendid!

Any other ideas that you guys have to share, I would LOVE to hear!


  1. these are all so lovely! wish i lived nearby so i could see the shop display with my own eyes.
    what a find- that dress form! i'm hunting one down myself- not successfully, i might add.
    i'll keep my eyes out for some ideas for you.

  2. I've done really well at this place in NYC.
    You have to go through a wholesale wig store to get to it - it's really well hidden, but the prices are good and there are some metal displays that can be shabbied up for cuteness easily.