Wednesday, June 17, 2009

That's MISS Yogini to you

Back on track, tonight will be my fourth class this month and I can honestly say that I don't remember being this sore in January. But I do want to remind myself (and hopefully some others) of some of the noted changes (already!) and some of the wonderful benefits of this great practice:

I'm less of a hunchback
I can feel some of my back muscles that I didn't use before. And I have that awareness, sometimes, of how I stand. Not so much of how I sit, yet, but it will come.

Increased circulation
It was so cool on Monday when I could actually feel the blood rushing into my hands while returning to Mountain from some of my other poses. I have horrible circulation and unless I'm reaching for some cookies, my hands barely reach above my head.

More Confidence
Something about yoga, particularly when I've been at constant practice for a bit, makes me feel like a strong, confident woman. I think clearer and make better decisions, too.

More Restful Sleep
My mind is calm and my muscles don't ache (I swear, the older I get the more achy I get). That equals delicious sleep and more energy in the morning. Yay!

There are so many additional benefits, but for now I'm all pumped about tonight's class. My intention every time is always for a better me. And I think I'm on my way.

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