Friday, June 5, 2009

Things I love

1. Little flowers added to anything! I just bought some adorable embroidered ones that I'm thinking of adding to my jewelry. Stay Tuned.
2. Croissants. I eat them for breakfast. Everyday.
3. Bows. Everywhere.
4. The First 48 on A&E.
5. Trader Joe's Kettle Corn. The perfect combo of salty and sweet. Exspecially at the bottom where all of the flavoring settles :)
6. Heather Ross and her delightful fabrics.
7. Wendy ~ the most adorable font ever. By Monotype imaging.
8. Laughing.
9. The word delight.
10. The Flea Market. Love it.


  1. Such a nice post :^)

    Unfortunately, Heather Ross has discontinued her entire Mendocino line...that includes every mermaid, seahorse and octopi :^( Supplies are limited.

  2. Great post! I love ruffles, bows, and little flowers on everything-so girly :)